Sometimes the Crazy Comes Out


I always feel like I’m going crazy. I don’t always let it out and most people who know me wouldn’t even know that I feel this way because I’ve created and perfected a great mask of looking like I have it all together. I’ve worn this mask since I was 5 years old. I’m a great actress, I probably deserve some Academy Award or something.

But ya know what….sometimes I just have to let all that craziness inside of my head come out.



photo 2

photo 1

This is how I feel when there’s craziness coming out of my head. I’m normally pretty well put together, but this little sculpture represents how those crazy feelings just swirl in a bunch of commotion as they come out, as represented by this lady’s hair.

Even though it doesn’t necessarily feel good, it’s good to get those feelings out and feel crazy. The more I keep them stuffed inside of my head, the more they grow and get keep getting crazier, to the point of becoming toxic to my safety and sanity.

That’s what my art is about. Getting this shit out. That’s what this blog is about. Not keeping the truth hidden, being honest about my pain and struggles.

It’s all about getting the crazy out!


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  1. Love, love!!!! If I didn’t know better i would think you stole part of this post from my journal. I constantly feel crazy and I’m trying to pull off the ‘normal’ look. I feel like if people saw through the facade they would be terrified by the level of crazy I’m hiding. That sculpture is fabulously perfect. I would hang that proudly in your house. This blogging world is slowly getting me more comfortable with flying that crazy flag. Aren’t we all a little crazy???

  2. This is great! I feel crazy all the time but have, also, learned since childhood, to wear a good solid mask that i only allow very few people to see behind, mainly my therapist. Your sculpture depicts exactly what i feel they would find inside my head if they sliced the top off. It’s great that you can expressive yourself so creatively in art and sculpture. Brilliant! xxx

  3. Love it Jen! Tried to comment on your more recent post but ran into problems. I need to get this wordpress thing figured out. But I can relate to this a lot. Thanks for posting it! -Dove

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