Monthly Archives: July 2013

So many secrets…



I have a lot of secrets.  By now, through my art therapy and work with my individual therapist, I’ve told many of the secrets.  But a lot of my artwork is themed around the secrets that I keep.  I remember, gosh, it was probably about 10 years ago, in an eating disorder therapy group I attended, our therapist always said, “Secrets keep you sick.”  I’ve discovered that this is SO TRUE in my life.  The more secrets I kept, the sicker I got.  The more secrets I told, the healthier I became.

In this painting & multi-media piece, I used a lot of words that described how I was feeling.  Some words were cut out from magazines, some I painted on, some were printed from my computer, some were stickers and others were printed on fabric and glued on.  The chains on the heart and the lock in the middle represent how trapped I felt by my secrets and my feelings of despair.  The key for the lock is not on this piece of artwork.  I still have the key and some day I will make another piece of art that uses that key to represent my recovery.


First Ever Blog


So this is the first blog I’ve ever written. I’m basically getting things set up tonight. Eventually I will add more about myself and where I’m going with this blog. Boring now….I know….but hang in there with me! I promise it will get better!

And here’s just a random picture of my cat, Precious. I’m posting it just because she’s freakin’ cute 🙂