Magic Potion



Magic Potion

In a recent therapy session, I was telling my therapist that I felt like my past abuse and abuser filled me with poison and I still felt so tied to the poison. My therapist suggested that maybe I should do a piece of artwork on that theme and somehow find a way to replace some of the poison with something more healing. So that’s how this art journal piece came about. That’s me in the middle. On the bottom right is the poison of my past that I’m still holding on to, but also on the top left is a Healing Potion that is slowly filling me and replacing the poison.

Imagery like this doesn’t always work for me. Lots of therapists have suggested other ways of looking at things and replacing bad images with better ones. But the bad images are still there. I almost didn’t do this art journal because I felt like it would be a waste of my time and wouldn’t work. It certainly hasn’t been the magic answer, but it s a good reminder for me to look at occasionally to remember that the Healing Potion is there. It is within me and it’s continually being poured into my life through many different avenues. It’s also a good reminder that I am still holding on to that poison, but some day I will be able to let go of it and not let it ruin my life.  Looking at this piece reminds me that I have to keep working hard and I have to keep fighting.

Because freedom is possible!


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  1. Have you noticed you’re positioned in the picture more on the dark-side than in the pink side? And you’re facing the poison rather that towards the healing and your foot and balance is on the lies.
    Really interesting piece of work, thanks for sharing it.

    • Wow, that is very insightful! I actually had not noticed that. I love being able to share my work and hear things like this because everyone sees different things in artwork and it’s very eye-opening. I think it’s really amazing how our subconscious works, because when I make my artwork, I don’t really plan it out, it just flows from me. I knew I wanted to place myself in the middle, but I didn’t have a plan as to where the line between the dark and pink would be, where my foot would be, etc. Thank you for sharing this with me!

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