Box of secrets




So on the topic of secrets, back a few years ago, when I first really started my trauma work in therapy, my therapist recommended that I write down a list of all the secrets I’ve been keeping and as I felt comfortable, I could share them with her. So I did that. My list was 3 pages long.

Later on on my therapy process, I decided to make a box to keep my secrets in. I used a small cardboard box with a hinged lid. I crumpled up some muslin material and Modge Podged it to the box. I used some red burlap to make a heart on the top of the box with a safety pin going through the center of it. Then with some wire, I made a clasp that I could put a lock through. I wrote out ally secrets individually on pieces of brown paper that I folded up and put inside. The box is really full. I kinda had to squish all the secrets in the box.

Just getting the secrets out of my head was a huge relief. As I began to tell the secrets, the shame and guilt I felt began to lessen. Finding a safe person to share your secrets with is extremely therapeutic! Like I said in my other post, “secrets keep us sick”. If you have secrets, I really encourage you to begin sharing and letting go of them. My secrets held so much power over my mind. Letting them go and getting them out has brought me a lot of freedom.


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